Procedural Overview


  • As a first step, competitors will be required to register themselves on the website
  • From the time of registration till the completion of Stage 1 anonymity of entries must be maintained at all times and any compromise thereof on part of competitors may result in immediate ouster from the competition.
  • None of the submissions can carry any words or logos that could identify the team members involved in creating the image.
  • Competitors must show that their team composition meets the client's minimum prequalification criteria through the self-declaration that must accompany the Stage 1 submission.
  • All successfully registered competitors participating in Stage 1, must upload four files of specified size, format and of appropriate scale and resolution to print on A2 sized boards in accordance with the specified submission requirements.
  • No alternate methods or formats of submission will be accepted.
  • Competitors will have 60 days from the launch of the competition to complete all Stage1 submissions.
  • No submissions will be accepted after 12:00 PM IST on 07 February, 2016.
  • Using the published judging criteria, the jury will review all submissions and select five teams to proceed to Stage 2 in consultation with the MMRDA and ORF Mumbai.
  • Organisers reserve the right to display entries of their choice on the competition website, alternate online and print media or as part of an exhibition for public engagement.
  • All submissions must be in English language only.


  • Competitors must upload 4 individual files in JPEG or PDF format on the competition website.
  • Each uploaded file must comprise of a single page/image, to be presented on an A2 sheet.
  • Any additional pages within a single upload will not be considered by the jury.
The four uploads must deliver the following:
  • Upload 1:
    • The proposed layout of the makeover plan of MNP and alignment of the bridge connecting to BKC. This must be comparable in scale to the existing layout of MNP as provided in the brief and as part of the resource material.
  • Upload 2:
    • A large image showing how the new, built-infrastructure of the MNP would look like.
    • A combination of texts, plans, pictures and graphics addressing the judging criteria of the built infrastructure of MNP and its relation with the other assignments of this competition.
  • Upload 3:
    • A large image, illustrating what the bridge would look like, as it spans the river and sensitive mudflats. It should be shown as an iconic landmark of the commercial capital of India and the centre-piece of this region between BKC and Dharavi. This image may be displayed on the project website.
    • A combination of texts, plans, pictures and graphics addressing the judging criteria regarding the link’s design and its relation with the other assignments of this competition.
  • Upload 4:
    • An overview showing how the transformed MNP and the new bridge are integrated with its immediate environs
    • A combination of texts, plans, pictures and graphics addressing the judging criteria of the integration of the pedestrian-and-cyclist-only bridge with the MNP and with the future development of BKC and Dharavi and upgrading of Mithi River and its environs.


Verification of Self-declaration:
  • All short listed candidates must submit supporting documentation to ascertain compliance for all stated eligibility.
  • If a shortlisted competitor is found to have provided incorrect information in their self-declaration, their entry stands to be eliminated from the competition after review by the Jury and Organisers. The decision of the jury will be final.


  • A detailed brief will be issued to the Stage 2 competitors via email.
  • Over a 60-day period, competitors will be asked to develop their design ideas for the actual site.
  • All shortlisted participants will be required to produce 5x A1 boards to describe their proposals, backed up with a short, explanatory A4 report addressing technical issues, logistics and costs.
  • The Stage 2 proposals will be made available to the public through the competition website. The organiser may also decide to display submissions at public exhibitions, for which, all expenses will be borne by the organisers.
  • During Stage 2, there will be a facilitative dialogue process.
  • At the end of the 60-day period all participants must make a live presentation to the Jury along with submitting all necessary deliverables.
Key Deliverables
  • Site Plan 1:1000.
  • Plans for all built structures with elevations and section.
  • Site elevation from the road and from the estuary side.
  • Bridge plan with elevations and sections.
  • Computerised renderings of MNP and bridge.
  • Statement of proposed facilities and explanations for each.
  • Narratives of design integration of various educational, tourism and recreations features explained in the design.
  • Statement of costs in INR.

* The above deliverables are indicative. Comprehensive deliverables will be shared with the participants as part of their stage 2 brief.

MMRDA Support:

  • MMRDA will supply all base maps, drawings and reports readily available with it.
  • MMRDA will also assist the five shortlisted competitors in establishing contacts with the organisations concerned, to facilitate the survey and data collection. However, the competitors will be solely responsible for proper and timely completion of the assignment.
  • The competitors are expected to present the work at various fora as and when required by the MMRDA. While the MMRDA will make all logistic arrangement for such presentation/s, the competitors shall independently arrange, at their cost, such presentation/s by their personnel, provide the necessary equipment for such presentation/s and arrange transport and other incidental arrangements for their personnel.


  • The winner will be selected by the Jury and announced following a short cool-off period.


The ownership and copyright of the work of competitors will rest with the author. By participating in this competition, each team and each individual competitor is granting permission for any or all of their submissions to be put on public display and used in any publicity towards the promotion of this competition. Please note that it is the intention of the organisers to use images of the design to promote the MNP Makeover and the Mithi River Bridge concepts and to attract potential funding going forward beyond the end of the competition phase. The winner should be prepared to co-operate with the organisers in this regard.